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Did you ever wonder why, after you tune your guitar as well as you

can, it never  sounds in tune when you play different chords??

That is because all guitars are manufactured with an inherent flaw !

For the same reason that guitars are intonated at the 12th fret to compensate for the string stretch that

occurs when pressing to fret, the nut also needs compensating . WHY?  Each string has a different

diameter and a different mass, and therefor stretches at a DIFFERENT RATE relative to each other

(just plain physics). This is why literally all guitars play out of tune to one degree or another in the first

five or so frets. Most of us just “get used” to it, or try and  compromise by de-tuning the infamous G,

or maybe the B, or low E. 

This can now be corrected with the “ custom compensated nut” which will make your guitar play

IN TUNE in every chord over the whole neck !! Once the compensation is done, each string plays so much

more in tune that you will experience a “third dimension” to your guitars sound.


I have been a guitar tech for over 30 years and have a collection of more than 25 guitars. I was never satisfied with the tuning of these guitars until I discovered that you can compensate the nut, just as you intonate the guitar at the bridge for the perfect tuning solution. I have developed a proprietary computer model to calculate the perfect solution for every different model of guitar. I do the work here, so each guitar is custom compensated for your style, string gauge, action height, etc. Every guitar is different and deserves the best solution to sound as sweet as it can. Click on the picture links to see more examples, and check my customer comments.

All electric, acoustic, acoustic / electric, six, seven, eight, and twelve string guitars can be done.

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